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Weekend Cenacle of Prayer

We have created a special weekend stream, the Weekend Cenacle of Prayer.

A sample hour:

Nine Hour Novena
to the
Most Holy Face of Jesus

(Top of the Hour)


Chaplet of Divine Mercy
(at 3:00 p.m.)

Anima Christi
Musical Interlude

Perpetual Rosary For Life

Musical Postcript

on weekends, from 0000   EST/EDT Saturday to 2400   EST/EDT Sunday.

The four Mysteries of the Holy Rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous) will be streamed sequentially each hour.

You may join in at any time to fulfill Our Lady of Fatima's request to pray the Holy Rosary with fervor daily.

During our Regular Weekday (Monday - Friday) Programming, you may pray the Rosary at 0600, 1100, and 1700   EST/EDT.

We have dedicated this Rosary to all life, born and unborn, for Mothers, Fathers, siblings, and extended family.

Scripture for the Cenacle Scriptural Rosary
is taken from the Holy Bible — Douay Version.

Credits for Background Music

   Our Lady of Holy Hope     
Introduction — 'Surrender' from Legacy © Eric Genuis

The Joyful Mysteries

The Incarnation: 'Ave Maria', Bach, CC-by-sa by John Michel, Cello

The Visitation: 'Eyes of Mercy' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Nativity: 'Mother and Child' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

Presentation in Temple: 'Violinkonzert E moll 2, Andante' by Mendelssohn

Finding in Temple: 'Test of Time' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Agony in Garden: 'Tears in Silence' from Timeless © Eric Genuis

Scourging at Pillar: 'Violinkozert e moll-1 Allegro' by Mendelssohn

Crowning with Thorns: 'Banished' from Timeless © Eric Genuis

Carrying of the Cross: 'Vivaldi'

The Crucifixion: 'Mother and Child' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection: 'I Remember You' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Ascension: 'Laudate Domino' by Mozart

Pentecost: 'Tradition' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Assumption: 'Surrender' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Coronation: 'Test of Time' from Eternity © Eric Genuis

The Luminous Mysteries

Baptism in the Jordan: 'Wisdom Lost' from Timeless © Eric Genuis

Wedding Feast at Cana: 'The Patriarch' from Timeless © Eric Genuis

Manifestation: '3 Romberg Adagio'

The Transfiguration: 'Vivaldi Spring Movement 3 Allegro, John Harrison, violin'

Institution of Eucharist: 'This Moment Forever' from Timeless © Eric Genuis

Airs Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

  Weekend Cenacle of Prayer — Hourly

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Audio produced by Rural Catholic Radio

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