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The Man Who Was Thursday,
A Nightmare

A Novel

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   G.K. Chesterton     

The Man Who Was Thursday is a wonderful example of the prophetic wisdom and delightful wit of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, an English journalist of the early 20th Century.

"Like most of Chesterton's fiction, the story includes some Christian allegory. Chesterton, a Protestant by this time (he joined the Roman Catholic Church about 15 years later), suffered from a brief bout of depression during his college days, and claimed afterwards that he wrote this book as an unusual affirmation that goodness and right were at the heart of every aspect of the world.

However, he insisted: "The book was called The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare. It was not intended to describe the real world as it was, or as I thought it was, even when my thoughts were considerably less settled than they are now. It was intended to describe the world of wild doubt and despair which the pessimists were generally describing at that date; with just a gleam of hope in some double meaning of the doubt, which even the pessimists felt in some fitful fashion."[1]

The costumes that the detectives don towards the end of the book represent what was created on their respective day. Sunday, 'the Sabbath' and 'the Peace of God,' sits upon a throne in front of them. The name of the girl Syme likes, Rosamond, is derived from 'Rosa Mundi,' meaning 'Rose of the World' in Latin, and a title given to Christ."

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