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Jesus, I Love You

A Litany of Love

   Sacred Heart of Jesus     

Holiness is the act of loving God constantly repeated in the depths of the soul.

"Repetition is the mother of learning." Tell Jesus you love Him. Repeat it. Keep repeating it. If you say it often enough you will love Him.

God made us to know Him in order to love and serve Him. We cannot love what we don't know. The will is a blind faculty. It embraces what the intellect considers lovable.

"God is love," wrote the beloved Disciple, "and he who abides in love, abides in God, and God in Him."

Jesus, I Love You provides some motivations for love so that you may continue to praise our Wonderful Lord, Redeemer and Friend!

By hearing or reciting them, we move more deeply into a sense of gratitude, giving our Wonderful God all praise, glory, and honor.

He deserves it!

"Let us love God because God has first loved us."
(1 John 4:10)

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