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Abide With Me

"Many of the themes used on this instrumental recording are familiar melodies, even though the titles, as listed here, might be unfamiliar. As an example, "The Ash Grove", a beautiful Welsh melody, has been used as the setting for a number of texts, including the familiar hymn, "Sent Forth By God's Blessing". "Ellacombe" is instantly recognizable as the melody used for, "I Sing the Mighty Power of God", and also, "O Queen of the Holy Rosary". As you listen to these wonderful hymn tunes, which have stood the test of time, you are sure to recognize many of your favorites."

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Gentle Spirit Music productions offers "the finest recordings of traditional and contemporary Catholic music, including The Rosary, Way of the Cross and The Psalms, plus original music by David Phillips.

David Phillips has been immersed in the world of sacred music for over thirty five years.

While teaching music in Catholic grade schools and working at the parish level, David discovered a need for recorded music of both contemporary and traditional church music. Remembering his years in Catholic schools, time spent singing in a boys choir at his parish, and his love for the traditional hymns of the church, David formed Gentle Spirit Music Productions in 1988.

He began to release albums of instrumental arrangements of traditional and contemporary Catholic music, plus albums of his own compositions.

Three of his recent albums, Be Not Afraid, Angels Around Us and Music from the Psalms have won awards for best instrumental album of the year from the United Catholic Musician and Video Association (

He continues to add albums to the Gentle Spirit catalogue while also working with a number of other artists including Robert Kochis, Seraphim, and His Majesty's Musicians."

We gratefully acknowledge his generous permissions to use his copyrighted works as background music for many of our shows.

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