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Seeds of Hope

Father Angelus Shaughnessy,
O.F.M. Capuchin

   Father Angelus Shaughnessy, O.F.M Capuchin     

Seeds of Hope — is the fruit of Father Angelus Shaugnessy's ministry to many persons and familes throughout his fifty-eight years of priesthood.

The ministry of Father Angelus M. Shaughnessy, Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, a Franciscan Order, is to make available God's message of joy, hope and a promise of everlasting life.

"Father Angelus has devoted his life to delivering this message and teaching the fundamentals of Christianity through his missionary work in Papua New Guinea and throughout the United States.

In his effort to reach as many people as possible, he has produced a library of audio and video tapes as well as myriad publications that will inspire, instruct and help to perpetuate the Catholic faith."

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