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Sacred Love Village, a tiny village of forty-three families in Hamyang, Kyunghnam province in South Korea, continues to shower their prayers and blessings upon our family in spite of the leprosy that afflicts them.

They urgently require funds to replace their livestock that died suddenly in an epidemic a few months ago. It was their main food supply.

If you wish to help them out, please send your donation to:

Sacred Love Village
P.O. Box 10
Hamyang, Kyunghnam
South Korea

Your gift will help them retain their dignity so that they can feed themselves.

You may make your gift money orders payable to Sacred Love Village, c/o Dr. Leo Woo.

Further, their long-time priest, Fr. Heo died about ten years ago. It would be wonderful if a missionary priest would approach them to provide for their spiritual needs.

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