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   Prodigal Son - Rapahel     

"As she has always done, today the Church continues to recommend the practice of spiritual direction not only to those who desire to follow the Lord closely but to every Christian who wishes to live responsibly his or her Baptism, that is, new life in Christ.

Everyone, in fact, especially those who have heeded the divine call to follow Christ closely, needs to be accompanied personally by a guide reliable in doctrine and expert in the things of God, this guide can help people to watch out for facile forms of subjectivism, making available their own knowledge and experience lived in the following of Jesus.

It is a matter of establishing the same personal relationship that the Lord had with his disciples, the special bond with which he led them, following behind him, to embrace the Father's will (cf. Lk 22:42), namely, to embrace the Cross."


The Sermons of St. Jean Vianney, the Patron of Priests, are a reliable and excellent guide to self-knowledge founded on sound doctrine.

First in our Spiritual Series, Spiritual Awakening, the current selection, we offer selected sermons to give the listener a taste of God's Goodness — why it is so good to love Him and why one should be attentive to His stirrings in their heart. They are offered as an introduction to holiness. To listen to them, check for show episodes: Spiritual Awakening

Further Spiritual Series

Next in our Spiritual Series, Spiritual Direction: his Sermons on the Vices, described in detail, to offer the listener a profound opportunity to reflect upon their failings and repent. They are streamed as show episodes: Spiritual Direction.

Last in our Spiritual Series, we offer Spiritual Growth: his Sermons on the Virtues, the Love of God, the soul, and other important topics. They are offered as aids to sanctification. To listen to them, check for show episodes: Spiritual Growth.

We hope you draw what is necessary from his wonderful sermons. They will assist you in living a holy life and growing in goodness and grace, to the greater glory of God.

Complete List of Episodes

01 - The Soul Of Man The Image Of God

02 - The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin

03 - The Threefold Love Of St. John

04 - The Glory And The Power Of The Holy Name

05 - The Holy Family

06 - The Followers Of Christ Should Give Testimony Of Him

07 - Children Of The Holy Ghost - Children Of The World

(Episodes will be aired sequentially)

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04 - The Glory And The Power Of The Holy Name

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1930 - 1950

From Sermons For The Sundays and Feasts of the Year by the Ven. Curé of Ars (Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney). 1901.

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