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to the
Mother of Sorrow

   Our Lady of Sorrows     

Prayer to the Mother of Sorrow.

O Mother of Sorrow,
by the anguish and love
with which you did stand
at the Cross of Jesus,
stand by me in my last agony.

To your maternal heart,
I commend the last three hours of my life.
Offer these hours to the Eternal Father
in union with the Agony of our Dearest Lord
in atonement for my sins.

Offer to the Eternal Father,
the Most Precious Blood of Jesus,
mingled with your tears on Calvary,
that I may obtain the grace of receiving
Holy Communion with the most perfect
love and contrition before my death,
and that I may breathe forth my soul
in the Adorable Presence of Jesus.

Dearest Mother,
when the moment has at last come,
present me as your child to Jesus.
Ask Him to forgive me for having offended Him
for I knew not what I did.
Beg Him to receive me
into His Kingdom of Glory
to be united with Him forever.

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