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Forgiveness Of Sins


St. Gemma Galgani

  St. Gemma Galgani          

Forgiveness Of Sins

My Jesus, I place all my sins before you.

In my estimation
They do not deserve pardon,
But I ask you
To close your eyes
To my want of merit
And open them
To your infinite merit.

Since you willed
To die for my sins,
Grant me forgiveness
For all of them.

Thus, I may no longer feel
The burden of my sins,
A burden that oppresses me
Beyond measure.

Assist me, dear Jesus,
For I desire to become good
No matter what the cost
Take away, destroy,
And utterly root out
Whatever you find in me
That is contrary
To your holy will.

At the same time, dear Jesus, illumine me
So that I may walk in your holy light.


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