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Too Late Have I Loved Thee


St. Augustine of Hippo

  St. Augustine of Hippo          

Too Late Have I Loved Thee

Too late have I loved Thee,
O Beauty ever ancient and ever new.

Too late have I loved Thee!

And behold! Thou wert within and I without, and it was without that I sought Thee.

Thou wert with me, and I was not with Thee. Those creatures held me far from Thee which, were they not in Thee, were not all.

Thou didst call, Thou didst cry, Thou didst break in upon my deafness;

Thou didst gleam forth, Thou didst shine out; Thou didst banish my blindness;

Thou didst send forth Thy fragrance, and I drew breath and yearned for Thee;

I tasted and still hunger and thirst;

Thou didst touch me, and I was on flame to find Thy peace.

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