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Nine Hour Novena
to the
Most Holy Face of Jesus

   The Most Holy Face of Jesus     

"I firmly wish that my face reflecting the intimate pains of my soul, the suffering and love of my heart, be more honored! Whoever gazes upon me already consoles me."

(Our Lord Jesus Christ to Blessed Maria Pierina de Micheli)

Novena to the Most Holy Face of Jesus

Day Nine

Preparatory Prayer

O Most Holy and Blessed Trinity, through the intercession of Holy Mary, whose soul was pierced through by a sword of sorrow at the sight of the Passion of her Divine Son, we ask Your help in making a perfect Novena of Reparation with Jesus, united with all His sorrows, love, and total abandonment.

We now implore all the Angels and Saints to intercede for us as we pray this Holy Novena to the Most Holy Face of Jesus and for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

"For in sacrifice you take no delight, burnt offering from me you would refuse, my sacrifice a contrite spirit. A humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn.

In your goodness, show favor to Zion; rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Then you will be pleased with lawful sacrifice, holocausts offered on your altar."
[Ps. 51: 18-21]

Sacred Face of our Lord and our God, what words can we say to express our gratitude? How can we speak of our joy? That You have deigned to hear us, that You have chosen to answer us in our hour of need.

We say this because we know that our prayers will be granted.

We know that You, in Your Loving Kindness, have listened to our pleading hearts, and will give, out of Your Fullness, the answer to our problems.

Mary, our Mother, thank you for your intercession on our behalf.

Saint Joseph, thank you for your prayers.

Through the merits of Your Precious Blood and Your Holy Face, O Jesus, grant us our petition, pardon and mercy... (State your intention here).

Prayer to the Holy Trinity

Most Holy Trinity, Godhead indivisible, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our first beginning and our last end.

Since You have made us after Your Own Image and Likeness, grant that all the thoughts of our minds, all the words of our tongues, all the affections of our hearts, and all our actions may be always conformed to Your Most Holy Will, so that after having seen You here on earth in appearances and in a dark manner by the means of faith, we may come at last to contemplate You face to face, in the perfect possession of You forever in Paradise. Amen.

Closing Prayers

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. (3 times)

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall be forever. Amen.

O Bleeding Face,
O Face Divine,
be every adoration Thine.

(3 times)

Act of Consecration

O my Lord Jesus, I believe most firmly in Thee. I love Thee.

Thou art the Eternal Son of God and the Son Incarnate of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thou art the Lord and Absolute Ruler of all creation. I consecrate myself to Thee now and forever.

Most Loving Jesus, I place my family under the protection of Thy Holy Face, and of Thy Virgin Mother, Mary most sorrowful. I promise to be faithful to Thee for the rest of my life and to observe, with fidelity, Thy Holy Commandments. I will never deny Thee before men.

Grant me the grace to never sin again. Nevertheless, should I fail, O Divine Savior, have mercy on me and restore me to Thy grace. Radiate Thy Divine Countenance upon me and bless me now and forever.

Embrace me at the hour of my death in Thy Kingdom for all eternity, through the intercession of Thy Blessed Mother, of all Thy Saints who behold Thee in Heaven, and the just who glorify Thee on earth. O Jesus, be mindful of me forever and never forsake me; protect my family.

O Mother of Sorrows, by the eternal glory which thou enjoy in Heaven, through the merits of thy bitter anguish in the Sacred Passion of thy Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, obtain for me the grace that the Precious Blood shed by Jesus for the redemption of my soul, be not shed in vain.

I love you, O Mary, Most Holy. Embrace and bless me, O Mother. Protect me in life and in death. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

Promises of our Lord Jesus Christ
to those
Devoted to His Holy Face

  1. I will grant them contrition so perfect that their very sins shall be changed, in My Sight, into jewels of precious gold.

  2. None of these persons shall ever be separated from Me.

  3. In offering My Face to My Father, they will appease His anger, and they will purchase, as with celestial coin, pardon for poor sinners.

  4. I will open My mouth to plead with My Father to grant all the petitions that they will present to Me.

  5. I will illuminate them with My Light. I will consume them with My Love, and I will render them fruitful of good works.

  6. They will, as the pious Veronica, wipe My Adorable Face outraged by sin, and I will imprint My Divine Features in these souls.

  7. At their death, I will renew in them the image of God effaced by sin.

  8. By resemblance to My Face, they will shine more than many others in eternal life and the brilliancy of My Face will fill them with joy.

We gratefully acknowledge the kind permissions of the Holy Face Association to create and broadcast this beautiful Novena.

You may find them on the Web at
Holy Face Association

"The Holy Face Association is prepared to cover, free of charge, the shipping cost for a 'framed copy' of the Holy Face of Jesus, from the Shroud of Turin, to be permanently and visibly enshrined, for public devotion, in any parish church in the Western Hemisphere."

Please contact the Holy Face Association for details.

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