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07 October 2019

New — Six New Streams

07 October 2019

New Season Lineup

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27 May 2019

A Reminder — Archived Shows Vault

    Archived Shows Vault

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    Airs Weekdays
    (Monday to Friday)
    0100 - 0200

    With our New Season lineup, we have needed to make room for new shows!

    A few long-running and other shows have been archived to free-up time slots for our New Season.

    We provide a sampling of two shows that will run continuously until new voted-for shows replace them.

    You may still access these shows by selecting them from the list of All Archived Shows from the Vault.

    Simply click to  Vote Your Choice from the Archived Shows Vault

    The show episode with the most votes will be streamed as the Next Archived Show.

    Rural Catholic Radio broadcasts Weekdays, Monday to Friday, 0000 to 2400 (Midnight to Midnight) EST/EDT.

    Rural Catholic Radio
    broadcasts Weekends, Saturday and Sunday, 0000 to 2400 — (Midnight to Midnight) EST/EDT.

    All times EST/EDT: UTC/GMT -5 (EST) / -4 hours (EDT).

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27 May 2019

Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer

Six Special 24/7

(Monday 0000 - Sunday 2400)
Full Day Programming


Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer

Clicking on 'Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer' in the Main menu or 'Special 24/7 Streams' gives you immediate access to six special Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer streams not included in our Regular Programming.

None of our 'Regular Programming' shows are streamed on these six special streams, only the Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer.

These special streams offer continuous prayers: Nine Hour Novenas, the Hourly Rosary, and other prayers.

For 'Regular Programming' as found in 'Program Highlights' do not click on the links in the 'Special 24/7 Streams' box on the Welcome page or on the 'Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer' page.

Clickable link below exclusively for the six Special 24/7 Streams:

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