Frequently Asked Questions



Technical Questions

  • May I download mp3 or ogg programs?

  • RuralCatholicRadio streams its programs to Icecast servers (mp3 and ogg streams).

    Streaming technology does allow patrons to download or 'rip' the streams, but, as in radio, it is primarily for listening to current program streams.

    We have made every effort to provide either public domain material or programs/music that the copyright holder has given us permission to stream.

    With respect to copyrighted background music, we request that you purchase copies of their music by visiting their websites.

  • What are your broadcasting hours?

  • • Rural Catholic Radio broadcasts Weekdays,
          Monday to Friday,
          0000 to 2400 — (Midnight to Midnight).

    Our Regular Programming day starts at 0800 (8:00 a.m.) and ends at 2400 (Midnight) EST/EDT.

    Regular Programs are in three periods:

    • Morning (0800 - 1200)
    • Afternoon (1200-1600)
    • Evening (1600 -2400)

    Our Extended Programming continues in two periods:

    • Midnight (0000 - 0400)
    • Dawn (0400 - 0800)

    During this extended period, we provide additional airtime for some of our more popular Regular shows.

    • Rural Catholic Radio broadcasts Weekends,
          Saturday & Sunday,
          0000 to 2400 — (Midnight to Midnight).

    • Rural Catholic Radio —  Special 24/7 Streams
          Monday through Sunday,
          0000 to 2400 — (Midnight to Midnight).

    All times EST/EDT: UTC/GMT -5 (EST) / -4 hours (EDT).

  • What does 'CC-by-sa' stand for?

  • 'CC-by-sa' is an acronym for works with a 'Creative Commons by ShareAlike' license.

    Many background music pieces found on RuralCatholicRadio use this attribution.

    For further details and licensing, visit:  CC-by-sa.


Programs and Features

  • When do you plan to add live shows?

  • Live shows are a very low-priority item on our wish-list. We do not plan to add them in the forseeable future.

    Our main focus is to provide audio versions of classic books for your spiritual growth.

General Questions

  • Do you endorse organizations that are listed as hosts for your shows?

    • We gratefully acknowledge permissions from various organizations to re-broadcast their copyrighted tapes and CDs of various speakers.

      However, we do not necessarily endorse the views and opinions of the organizations that have provided these tapes or CDs for re-broadcast on Rural Catholic Radio.

      Furthermore, we re-broadcast only speakers who are in good standing with the Church.

      We fully believe and are faithful, in obedience, to the teachings of the Magisterium and Our Holy Father.

  • I would like to help and make a donation. How do I do this? 

    • The best way to help out is to pray for us asking Our Dear Lord to bless our work.

      We do not sell anything nor do we solicit/accept monetary donations.

      We thank you, in advance, for your kind prayers and concern. May God bless you abundantly.